Linkle mod switch tutorial

Princess Zelda spends most of Breath of the Wild sealed away in Hyrule Castle along with Calamity Ganon but an ongoing mod project is working hard to give her an adventure of her own. The Zelda Conversion project will let players explore the world as Zelda, adding new armor and story tweaks. Their work caught the attention of a modder name Ainz, who wanted to see if they could do more than simply let players use her character model.

Over twenty people now work on the Zelda Conversion Project, coordinating their efforts using a Discord channel and a haphazard spreadsheet outlining tasks that range from rigging character models to designing new armor and a different title screen. The outfits are drawn by a concept artist who coordinates with modelers to bring the designs to life. A process that sometimes hits roadblocks.

The hope is to have a public release in the future for the Wii U and CEMU emulator before finding a way to bring the mod to the Nintendo Switch as well. Periodic updates can be found on this YouTube channel.

linkle mod switch tutorial

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Game modding with LayeredFS

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Oct 27, A whole lot of people are about to get really happy! Saw this on Reddit and instantly thought about ERA, people were just soooo excited about Linkle, i remember there being a rumor of her being playable in BOTW which ended up never happening : Opened a new thread as i thought it was big enough of a deal that would deserve it's own thread, plus, people will surely discuss her not being playable in the first place when there were rumors stating the opposite.

Lynardkiller has been working on this mod for quite awhile and it's definitely quite polished. The mod works for v1. Mod Features: Voice and Facial Expressions have been added. Crossbow is over Royal Halberd. It's a spear. Linkle's body is over Link's model. Linkle's armor is over the Hylian Set. Includes dyable armor colors. Minako Member. Oct 25, Oh I am so here for this. Jonnax Member. Oct 26, 1, Cemu only?Become a member today and start sharing your creations!

Sign up Receive these membership benefits:. Limit to:. Supported Games. Expanded Collapsed Hidden. Left Right. Small Regular. Click Hover. Left Center Right. Fixed Floating. Major Bug Fix Update V0. Linkle is a character created on the way out by Chris Pranger with the intent of creating someone special who he believed everyone was going to love. With the massive support of the Linkle Mod, Dialogue Fix Mod, cosmetic mods and other Linkle related mods, it's quite clear that Linkle is very much loved, but for anyone who doesn't know Linkle and why we love a 'female Link' so much, here's it in a nutshell.

She actually has a personality. And I can go on about the many differences between Link and Linkle but they're quite day and night!

But none of the support from of the mods up till now has showcased this difference as this mod hopes to. Link is a silent protagonist while Linkle is more alike to that of an empty vase but not suprisingly, a way more interesting and entertaining read.

With Linkle's Personalized Item Descriptions, explore Hryule with the personality of Linkle expressed through the descriptions of the items which she discovers, the very items that almost every player will spend an adequate time of their playthrough looking at.

We hope to go beyond just this, stick with us to see what comes next! Manual Download. Add Comment Sign up to access this! Sakia Joined 28d ago.

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Linkle Mod now available on Breath of the Wild (Cemu Only)

Ripe Supporter. Affiliation: A Link Between Mods. Retro Linkle Project. Subscribe Sign up to access this! Affiliation: Retro Linkle Project. QwerkyPengwen Joined 2mo ago. TheAceOfJays Joined 5mo ago. Add Buddy Sign up to access this! Say Thanks Sign up to access this! Share on Reddit. Today's Pick.Post here Nintendo Switch related tutorials. All other kinds of threads will be moved or deleted. New Thread. Switch - Tutorials Post here Nintendo Switch related tutorials.

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Replies: 3, Views:Replies: Views: 44, Replies: 21 Views: 2, Replies: 58 Views: 15, L4T Ubuntu Applcation Install guides. StarGazerTomMay 2, Replies: Views: 87, Replies: 22 Views: 8, Replies: 15 Views: 7, KanterZ Apr 7, at PM.Become a member today and start sharing your creations! Sign up Receive these membership benefits:. Limit to:. Supported Games.

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Linkle Mod

Small Regular. Click Hover. Left Center Right. Fixed Floating. I'm trying to mod BoTW for the Nintendo switch but the tutorial to do so was trashed so now I'm trying to find another tutorial or help to do so.

Could anyone point me in the direction of a walkthrough or tutorial?

linkle mod switch tutorial

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linkle mod switch tutorial

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How To Install Custom Mods For Cemu

N eed help porting wiiu mods to switch. I 've been thinking of what I want to use my points on for a mod that I really don't have the ability I plan on Making mods one day, I just need to get the right PC and some gear, but I wanted to know w A little big question.

Hello, is there a way to extract botw open world from the game files and make it playable in other gPage 1 of 6. Level Joined: Oct 3, Messages: 2, Country:. First of all this is an updated FAQ based from saneatsu 's FAQ located hereit is meant to be as simple to understand as possible.

If there is stuff I am missing or questions to be answered, please put them in the comments section and tag me. Lets get started.

PSA: 9. If it's on 5. If it's on 8. Note: Soon does not mean today, tomorrow, or even a month from now. Soon merely means whenever the hell the devs are done and it won't crash because you looked at it. Just like a road trip asking times only pisses off the drivers, and they will turn this car around dammit. The only fix is to re-format your SD Card.

There is also a google form for reporting corrupt SD Cards to help the devs get to the bottom of it Here. Typically done when turning on your computer after shutting it down. Can be setup using the latest Hekate. As it's name suggests it usually required modifying the Hardware and is also a Hard mod to do usually. The nintendo swtich is lucky as it only requires bridging pin 10 to ground to allow privilege escalation. Still in development at this time. Examples of.

However at this time we cannot upgrade the storage space as all components seem to be linked to the device eMMC, screen, motherboard, etc. This is used to store the firmware and games for the switch.

Found Here. Can be used to run CFW. This is usually not possible since users run with limited privilege for security reasons. Unsigned code is not signed by this key and cannot run unless done so by an exploit like custom firmware or allowed by Nintendo. It is usually an easier method than hard modding. Without this the device will either boot into the normal not moddable os or not boot at all until you have access to a computer. The driver for Linux on Switch is still being worked on at this time.

Typically done during a reboot. Right now we require the use of a computer to then boot alternative software on the switch. Only a new console release from Nintendo will solve this.

linkle mod switch tutorial

The older one couldn't add support through software, it required all new hardware to be released.Do you want to know this secret of jailbreaking? How to hack Nintendo Switch 8. Below we will show you the answers. It is developed by Team Xecuter to crack Nintendo Switch to play free games. It is very easy to use and without any risk. Xecuter SX Pro is designed for the beginner who does not want complicated operations. This operation is not without risk.

If you are not sure what you are doing, you could short-circuit components. You will have to redo the process each time you restart the console.

You will probably need to install the driver. To do this, connect your Switch to RCM mode before installation. It is necessary to make a circuit-circuit at the right Joycon rail between pin 1 and Slide it into the rail to make contact between pin 1 and Once done, launch your Switch in RCM mode.

Click on Inject Payload. Click on the Album Applet to launch the Homebrew Menu. This solution is free to hack Nintendo Switch. You will need to use an unconventional method that could make you think before acting.

It will be, to trigger the exploit, to make boot the console in a mode Recovery RCM using a driver. If you are not comfortable with this method, be aware that there are two possibilities, one using a JIG plastic object printed in 3D with a built-in conductor or another, with a modified paperclip. I do not advise welding. Whatever the object used, they will make contact with pin 1 and 10 of the console to trigger this mode. Forced to recognize that this solution is very effective; by its implementation very easy but also by its stability, because the games work like the originals, there is no display or slowdown bug.

In addition this product is evolutionary in time, as long as the Xecuter team will update their SX Pro, the dongle will still be usable. Also, the product is distributed internationally in online stores as physical, the reputation of the creators is really very credible, so, hat down! You could make the purchase at our shop without worries. We offer you the best service before and after sale.

We also support free shipping to any country in the world. Do not hesitate to make a purchase with us. Hack Nintendo Switch 8. A PC Files to download.


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